About The Organısers


TYBA Yachting & Brokers Association was launched in April, 2017 and its members represent the majority of yachting professionals throughoutTurkey. With members bringing decades of experience in brokerage, charter, construction and management of yachts in Turkey, TYBA has a powerful pool of experience and knowledge when it comes to yachting in Turkey.

The decision to set up the TYBA Yacht Charter Show in 2017 was undertaken by TYBA to bring in a fresh new vibrance into the yachting sector in Turkey. Our years of experience in the industry as well as participation in other top international yacht shows led to a very successful event in 2018 and we are confident the shows popularity will continue to grow in the future. The positive feedback and interest we have received thus fat makes us proud to see that the show has already inserted itself into charter brokers’ calendar of not-to-miss yearly international yacht shows.


The TYBA Yacht Charter Show Committee is comprised of the following TYBA Members:

Mr. H Serhan Cengiz – Committee President
Ms. Alev Semiz
Mr. Ali Yüceuluğ
Mr. Cem Boz
Ms. Dina Street
Mr. Güneş Aysun
Ms. Itır İpekel Tsiropoulos
Mr İdris Uçar
Mr. Mert Dinçel
Mr. Noyan Mutlugil
Mr Özgür Cengiz
Mr. Süleyman Kaya
Mr. Şeref Sevi
Mr. Uğur Soyken


The show from 2022 onwards will be held in D Marin, Gocek, the new hot spot of Turkish yachting, and in accordance with TYBA Yachting and Brokers Association’’s constitution, the charter show will be visiting all the major yachting destinations of Turkey in the future, the first two shows held in Yalıkavak Marina in 2018 -2019 were the initial steps in raising the standards of the event.  This state-of-the-art, modern venues chosen by TYBA for the shows offer participants a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere, like Gocek very easily reachable by air, land and sea transport.

The selection of participating yachts will be given the utmost importance as will the participation of yacht owners and crew members adhering to professional boat show etiquette expectations and standards. Together with the seminars and events that will be offered during the show period, this event will be the a most efficient and productive means to integrate with the luxury yachting sector of Turkey.

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