TYBA SHOW Chefs’ Competition

Participation Guidelines for 2022 TYBA Chef’s Competition D-Marin Gocek

The TYBA Show Committee has arranged for a change in protocol for the 2022 Chef’s competition, as opposed to past shows.  Some of these changes have been introduced due to COVID safety measures, and some to make the competition fairer for all participants.

The Challenge

Participating chefs will be given a ‘’mystery’’ box, containing enough ingredients to create a four course menu for a jury of three judges.  These will consist of one cold meze, one warm meze, a main course and a dessert.  One of the most important guidelines for 2022 is that the food which is prepared should be of Turkish origin.

All chefs will receive identical ingredients.  Each chef will have 2 hours in which to prepare the dishes for the jury of four, who will be served either indoors or outdoors on the chef’s yacht.  Chefs are free to create their own dessert, and the dessert ingredients are not restricted to the mystery box.

On 7 May, 2022, participating yachts below 30 meters LOA will be judged starting at 12:00, with 25 minutes allocated for each yacht.  On 8 May, 2022, participating yachts above 30 meters LOA with be judged starting at 12:00 with 25 minute intervals. Please note that the mystery box ingredients will be different for each date.

The Judging Criteria

The judging will be divided into three categories:

  1. Best chef
  2. Best table presentation and crew welcoming

Please note that these are two independent categories.  For best chef, the judges will be looking for the chef’s original interpretation of classic and/or modern Turkish cuisine, also taking into account nutrition, appropriate portion sizes, taste, originality, visual impact, how the complete menu compliments each component of the meal, the balance of spices, and cooking methods.

For best table presentation and crew welcoming, the judges will look at the style and elegance of the table setting, as well as unique decorative ideas and correct serving procedures.   The judges will also seek friendliness, ability to understand any special requests, the ability to explain each dish, and ability to work as a team and overall professionalism.



  • The first 10 applicants in each yacht size category (below 30 meters LOA and above 30 meters LOA) will be accepted into the competion.
  • All cooking and preparation must be executed onboard.


  • The chef should be part of the yacht’s crew for the 2022 season.
  • Participating chefs and stews are required to attend the Competition Briefing presentation on May 6, 2023 at 12 noon to review the rules, to ask any questions and to receive the allocated time when the judges will visit the yacht.


  • Your steward may assist in plating and serving only.


  • A minimum of 4 copies of the menu must be available, one for each judge and one for the table.


  • The yacht should have available the necessary ingredients for the chef’s dessert, which may be prepared in advance.


  • The yacht should provide water, soda and soft drinks.


  • The competition dishes can be served in the onboard location of your choice. (dining saloon, aft deck, sun deck).


  • Food must be served within the designated time which has been allocated to the yacht.


  • The yacht agrees for photography and video clips to be used during the competition, and for future social media publicity.


  The Prizes!

The overall winner of the TYBA 2022 Chef’s Competition will receive a 22 carat full gold coin (7 gr).  The second runner up will receive a 3.50  gram gold coin, and the third runner up will receive a 1.75 gram gold coin.  All winners will receive public recognition for their efforts on TYBA’s social media platforms.

The Ann Casebourne Award for ” Most Welcoming Crew” is 22 carat full gold coin (7 gr)


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